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About us

villa eugénie is a premier special events company whose expertise and poetic sensibility was first established in the worlds of fashion and luxury, and is increasingly sought out by the many creative sectors shaping contemporary culture and the digitally driven world.

With 25 years of experience, the company has orchestrated the creative conception and production of over 1000 fashion shows and events across the world.

Mirroring the rapidly growing influence that fashion has on society at large, villa eugénie’s constantly evolving skillset extends to the worlds of haute jewelry, art, fragrance and cosmetics. The company’s expertise also covers the equally precise demands of film production and digital formats, store design, museum scenography, large-scale personalized private events, product launches, and branding strategies - in doing so, reevaluating the very essence of these disciplines.

The company’s internationally located team of creative and technical experts is headquartered in Brussels, with offices in Paris and a fully operational satellite team based in New York. This global set-up is configured to be versatile and entirely scaleable to meet the needs of any client, any project, any location.

And at the heart of villa eugénie is founder Etienne Russo, widely acknowledged as the creative mind who faithfully transforms the wildest concepts into reality - yet always anchored in a poetic philosophy - making him both a ubiquitous and respected figure in global fashion and the event industry.

Ultimately, as with any reputable endeavor, proof of villa eugénie’s creative prowess and ability to deliver lies in the caliber of its often long-term clients: Hermès, Chanel, Dior Homme, Moncler, Dries Van Noten - only to name a few.