Planche(s) Contact
Tremplin jeunes talents 2021

Image: Antoine Lecharny, Côté Fenêtre.


Antoine Lecharny

Prix Planche(s) Contact

Selected by a jury according to their photographic background, their interest in photographic commissions and a portfolio of their work, the photographers are hosted in residence in Deauville to produce a photographic work on the city. Their work is then presented to the public during the Festival de Photographie de Deauville. Submitted to the vote of the jury, one of them receives the Prix Planche(s) Contact.
Antoine Lecharny is a photographer and visual artist, born in 1995. In a succession of train trips between Deauville and Paris, he captures from his window the landscape that is offered to travelers; the rails, farm buildings, building bars... Night and day, Antoine Lecharny paints a portrait of this journey punctuated by appearances of faces.

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Prix Photographie & Sciences 2021

Image: Richard Pak, La Firme, Les îles du désir - Chapitre I.


Richard Pak

Prix Photographie & Sciences

The Résidence 1+2, the ADAGP and the CNRS awarded the Prix Photographie & Sciences 2021 to the photographer Richard Pak for his series Les îles du désir - Chapitre II. For this second chapter Richard Pak will focus on the island Nauru, Oceania, where a phosphate deposit was discovered early in the last century. An exclusive resource for the island, its exploitation took it from the richest country on the planet in the 1970s to one of the poorest today. Its unique history echoes many contemporary issues: environmental, economic, social and geographic. One of the questions posed by Les îles du désir - Chapitre II is whether the particular case of this island is a warning to the entire planet.

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Prix LE BAL / ADAGP de la Jeune Création

Image: Marine Peixoto, sans-titre, parc de Bercy, Paris, 2020.
© Marine Peixoto/ADAGP, Paris, 2021


Marine Peixoto

Prix LE BAL / ADAGP de la Jeune Création

Marine Peixoto is a photographer born in 1984 in Montpellier. She graduated from the Haute école des arts du Rhin (HEAR). The prize will allow her to carry out a two-year creation project, an exhibition at LE BAL in 2023, a publication, a portrait filmed and broadcast on Arte website and two days of masterclasses to meet professionals from the world of visual arts. Marine Peixoto won the prize for her project "De la force", born in 2020 when she was invited to photograph the Bercy Street Workout group.

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Han Nefkens Foundation, M+, Mori Art Museum and Singapore Art Museum
Moving Image Commission 2021

Image: Nguyễn Trinh Thi, Everyday’s the Seventies, 2018, screenshot.


Nguyễn Trinh Thi

Moving Image Commission

Nguyễn Trinh Thi is a Hanoi-based experimental filmmaker and moving image/media artist whose practice over the last 10 years has consistently engaged with the history and memory of Vietnam, with a great interest in finding innovative ways to connect cinema and the moving image with sound practices, performance and alternative forms of storytelling. "Thank you so much for creating such a generous commission for Asia and Southeast Asia, where non-commercial experimental art practices still receive so little acknowledgement and attention. This support will allow me to work on a dream project, with collaborations from a wider network of colleagues and communities." Nguyễn Trinh Thi said in a statement.

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Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize 2021

Image: A. Roege Hove, COLLECTION No 06 2021/22,
backstage during Copenhagen Fashion Week.


A. Roege Hove

Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize


Public Vote

Amalie Røge Hove Geertsen, founder and designer of A. Roege Hove won Scandinavia’s most prestigious and independent award for fashion design. The Prize was established by the Wessel & Vett Foundation in 2012. Geertsen’s work stands out for its conceptual approach to knitwear, marrying traditional knitting techniques with cool, form-fitting silhouettes that can adapt to a wide variety of body types. Designer Amalie Røge Hove Geertsen, who started the label two years ago after cutting her teeth at brands like Cecilie Bahnsen and Mark Tan, said the added vote of confidence and the cash prize she is receiving will help her spearhead her brand’s plans for the future by expanding her team and investing further into testing new material innovations.

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