Image: Evgeniia Kazarezova, Wearable vase. ©Lubo Baran

Evgeniia Kazarezova won the first edition of the Premiere Classe x Eyes on Talents Award with her creation Wearable vase. The award wishes to reward talents for their creativity and their ability to reinvent themselves and continue to develop their creations through the pandemic context.

Former architect and interior designer, Evgeniia Kazarezova founded ZHENI a ceramic design studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia. She created Wearable vase, an accessory that allows flowers to be worn as part of an all-day outfit. The interaction of man and nature through design and craftsmanship is the main theme of Evgeniia's projects. While respecting the environment, she creates intermediate objects that put this connection into practice.

"It's amazing how plants find their place sometimes in the most unexpected places. On a solid wall of a five-story building. On the stone steps. They make their way through the concrete, sprout through the fences. I have always been attracted to this play of urban constructions and rebellious nature. Observing, rethinking the position of plants in our urban life, I create vessels that convey the spirit of these complex relationships." Evgeniia Kazarezova

Evgeniia Kazarezova will receive a 6 square meter stand at the next edition of Premiere Classe tradeshow in March 2022.