Image: Andrés Anza, 'I only know what I have seen', ceramics, 2023.


Andrés Anza


Mexican ceramic artist Andrés Anza is the winner of this year's LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize for his ceramic totemic work entitled 'I only know what I have seen'. The jury praised the work for the way it combines the "figurative and the abstract" with "architectural intention and precision". Assembled in five parts, the work is constructed from refractory clay and features a dynamic composition which appears to twist, turn and fold in on itself. Thousands of tiny, spiked protrusions covering the work’s surface lend it a further amorphic quality. After the work was fired in a kiln to give an even surface, acrylic paint was applied. This monochromatic finish allows light and shadow to further emphasise the work’s highly textured surface.

Image: Miki Asai, 'Still Life' jewellery, wood, paper, Kashu, eggshell, seashell, mineral pigment, 2023.
emmanuel boos, 'Coffee table 'Comme un Lego'', porcelain, Tenmoku black, wood, 2023.
Heechan Kim, '#16', ash wood, copper wire, 2023.


Miki Asai

emmanuel boos

Heechan Kim

Special Mention

For the first time, the jury awarded three special mentions: Miki Asai, from Japan, who created 'Still Life' jewellery topped with miniature vessels adorned with tiny shards of eggs and sea shells; emmanuel boos, from France, who crafted 'Coffee table 'Comme un Lego'' from 98 hollow porcelain bricks that can each be lifted individually from the structure; and Heechan Kim, from the Republic of Korea, whose bulbous '#16' is crafted from delicate strips of ash that have been manipulated and bent, resulting in a unique organic structure with a continuously smooth surface and channels which flow through to a large central chamber.

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IV Premi Mediterrani Albert Camus

Image: Alfredo Jaar, Shadows, 2014. © Alfredo Jaar


Alfredo Jaar

Premi Mediterrani Albert Camus

Alfredo Jaar is the winner of the IV Premi Mediterrani Albert Camus. Alfredo Jaar was born in 1956 in Santiago, Chile, where he studied architecture and film making before emigrating in 1982. He lives and works in New York. Alfredo Jaar, is an architect and artist who explores, and re-stages existing photographs in groundbreaking ways. His research into what he calls "the politics of images" is firmly rooted in photography, problematizing ideas of objective realities and universal truths. He has consistently scrutinised the representation of war, conflict, and human suffering in press photography and mainstream media. Jaar’s poignant works not only focus our attention upon matters of burning concern but also upon how we look at photographs and the conditions framing their meaning.

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Prix Niépce Gens d’images 2024

Image: Anne-Lise Broyer, Deauville, 2021. © ALBROYER


Anne-Lise Broyer

Prix Niépce Gens d’images

Anne-Lise Broyer is the winner of the Prix Niépce Gens d’images 2024. For over 20 years, Anne-Lise Broyer has been pursuing a singular body of photographic work, like an experience of literature through the eyes, intimately combining reading and the emergence of the image, writing and photography. By drawing directly onto the silver print in graphite, she creates a journey between two worlds, that of the eye (photography) and that of the hand (writing). The viewer wanders through the image, from one technique to the other.

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RIBA London Award 2024

Image: Grimshaw, Maynard, Equation and Atkins, Elizabeth Line, London, UK, 2022. © Hufton + Crow


Elizabeth Line by Grimshaw, Maynard, Equation and Atkins

RIBA London Award

RIBA London Building of the Year

The RIBA has handed London regional awards to 40 projects – with the Elizabeth Line winning a RIBA London Award 2024 and RIBA London Building of the Year. Running across London from Heathrow Airport and Reading at the west to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east, the Elizabeth Line boasts 62 miles of track, 26 miles of new tunnels, 10 new and 31 upgraded stations and is anticipated to carry 200 million passengers per year. The aim was to provide users with as coherent an experience as possible, create a familiar feel, improve comfort for cross-London travel, ease navigation and flow, and standardise elements. The design adopts a clear visual language and has a consistent material palette and approach to detailing.

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Photo London 2024

Image: © Charlie Tallott


Charlie Tallott

Photo London x Nikon Emerging Photographer Award

Charlie Tallott, represented by New Dimension, is the winner of the 2024 Photo London x Nikon Emerging Photographer Award. Originally from Yorkshire, Tallott began taking photos in and around his grandparents house in Cross Gates, East Leeds. The influence of his family, upbringing and hometown permeates his work, which centres around delving into the profound social and psychological impacts of deindustrialisation through photography.

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Don't Move, Improve! 2024

Image: Emil Eve Architects, Aden Grove, Newington Green, East London, UK. Photo: Taran Wilkhu


Aden Grove by Emil Eve Architects

Home of the Year

Materiality and Craftsmanship

Don’t Move, Improve! 2024 revealed its winners celebrating the best London home renovations. Aden Grove by Emil Eve Architects was named Home of the Year and winner in the Materiality and Craftsmanship category. London Fields-based architects Emil Eve have completed the renovation and extension of a period home in Newington Green that wraps up a dynamic material palette, energy efficiency and personality all within its tight 19th-century footprint.

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