Jean-Vincent Simonet

⁠Eyes on Talents member, Jean-Vincent Simonet's work Lures was presented last November at the Parisian gallery Intervalle as part of approche, an art fair dedicated to experimentation with the photographic medium, and was published in the latest issue of the British Journal of Photography. Lures challenges the principle of reality in photography and questions the seductive power of synthetic colours. Whereas in everyday life, the colours of these bait images are digital and reproducible, those of Jean-Vincent Simonet are analogue and unique, born of a photographic printing technique on plastic foils. With the ink still wet from the printer, Jean-Vincent Simonet uses water and gravity, as well as gestures borrowed from painters. The artist drowns the pixels, subtracts the layers and refrains from any reproducibility so as to create only unique works.
Jean-Vincent Simonet (b. 1991) is a French visual artist and a graduate of ECAL. Based in Paris and Zurich, he divides his time between commissioned photography, editorial work and personal explorations. With his altered, almost organic images and bright synthetic colours, his work is as much about painting as it is about questioning the photographic medium.