Laurence Kubski

Eyes on Talents member, Laurence Kubski, is one of 10 artists nominated for the photography competition at the 39th Festival de Hyères, whose jury is chaired this year by Coco Capitán. She will present her project Big Fish, winner in the photography category of the Swiss Design Awards 2023. With this work, Laurence Kubski wishes to highlight the intrinsic paradox of aquariums: "fictitious marine worlds created by man and contained in complex staging machines, like living cabinets of curiosities", as she describes them. Following the trail all the way to Indonesian fishermen, she began by visiting enthusiasts, went to Europe's biggest wholesalers and met veterinarians who control imports at the border, as well as seahorse breeders, jellyfish exporters and coral growers. Big Fish dives us into the world of these sophisticated reproductions of nature and takes us behind the scenes of an industry that provides a source of income for people in developing countries, but also has a major impact on the environment.
Laurence Kubski is a Swiss photographer born in 1986. She studied graphic design and art direction at ECAL and currently lives and works in Lausanne. Her artistic work focuses on the way people interact with animals in different cultures.