Augustin Lignier

Eyes on Talents member, Augustin Lignier, exhibited last summer, with Images Vevey, his ECAL Master's project Container, which won the Prix Images Vevey x ECAL 2022. Through photography and performance, Container questions the alienating relationship between a photographer and their camera. The artist built an immaculate white cube in his bedroom and locked himself in every day for almost two months. By repeatedly and obsessively pressing the shutter release, he tested the limits of his body in order to experiment with the apparatus.
Born in 1995, Augustin Lignier lives and works in Paris. His projects revolve around the performative aspect of photography, in its production, distribution and consumption. Combining scientific protocol and absurd experimentation, he draws his inspiration from the Fluxus movement and post-digital society. The images, actions, installations, videos and performances he creates lead the viewer to contemplate and criticise not only images but also our society as a producer and consumer of images.