Biennale Arte 2024

Image: Anna Maria Maiolino, Por um Fio, from Photopoemaction series, 1976-2010, black and white photograph and analogical print, 52 × 79 cm. Courtesy the artist and Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milano.
Nil Yalter, Topak Ev, 1973, metal structure, felt, sheepskins, leather, text and mixed media, Ø 3 m. © Courtesy santralistanbul Collection.


Anna Maria Maiolino

Nil Yalter

Golden Lions for Lifetime Achievement

The Italian-born Brazilian artist Anna Maria Maiolino and the Paris-based Turkish artist Nil Yalter are the recipients of the Golden Lions for Lifetime Achievement of the 60th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia -Stranieri Ovunque - Foreigners Everywhere. Though best-known today for large-scale sculptures formed from clay and cement, Maiolino began making conceptual artworks and films during the '60s and '70s that count among the most important works produced in Latin America during the era. Yalter’s films, installations, and conceptual artworks have tested gender norms and crossed national borders. In ways both provocative and understated, Yalter has shown that identity is flexible and mutable, and often subject to changes depending on where a person is and how they present themselves to the world.

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Royal Academy Dorfman Award 2023

Image: Muelle San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico, 2021-2022. Project team: Colectivo C733.
© photo: Albers Studio / Rafael Gamo


Taller Gabriela Carrillo

Royal Academy Dorfman Award

The Royal Academy Dorfman Award 2023 was awarded to Taller Gabriela Carrillo in recognition of the clarity and precision of her work. Based in Mexico City, she has more than 20 years of experience. Throughout her career, Carrillo has worked with local resources and questioned the briefs she receives, to create architecture that is sensitive, and reactive to the environment around it. Collaboration has been central to her career, and since establishing her own studio in 2019 she continues to work with architects and designers around Mexico. She is part of Colectivo C733, a group of Mexican architects who are dedicated to developing high-quality public buildings, such as market halls and stadiums.

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Prix Nadar Gens d’images 2023

Image: Jean-François Spricigo, extract from the book nous l'horizon resterons seul, 2023, published by Le Bec en l'air. © Jean-François Spricigo/Adagp, Paris 2023.


nous l'horizon resterons seul

by Jean-François Spricigo

Prix Nadar Gens d’images

The Prix Nadar Gens d’images 2023 was awarded to Jean-François Spricigo's book nous l'horizon resterons seul, published by Le Bec en l'air. As the images unfold, the landscapes of the overseas coasts of Reunion Island, Mayotte and French Guiana are revealed in an intimate quest for the sensitive. Memories of encounters with other human beings and animals, on an equal footing, pop up here and there among the vegetation, and echoes the ever-renewed wonder of the immensity of living things.

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Prix du Livre Robert Delpire 2023

Image: Le balayeur du dernier métro, Paris, 1990 © Dolorès Marat


Dolorès Marat

Prix du Livre Robert Delpire

The Prix du Livre Robert Delpire 2023 was unanimously awarded to Dolorès Marat. Awarded for the first time, the prize was created in 2022 by the Fonds de dotation Neuf Cinq – Robert Delpire & Sarah Moon. The laureate will receive a grant to complete and perfect her work and produce a book to be published by delpire & co, as well as an exhibition in an institution. A self-taught French photographer who has been working as an independent photographer since the 1990s, Dolorès Marat has developed a highly recognisable style throughout her career, thanks to her singular vision and instinctive approach. At 78, she is recognised for her body of work.

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Prix de Gravure Mario Avati 2023

Image: Ade Adesina, Wild Awake, linocut, 160 x 110 cm, 2016


Ade Adesina

Prix de Gravure Mario Avati

The Prix de Gravure Mario Avati - Académie des beaux-arts was awarded to Ade Adesina. Ade Adesina was born in Nigeria in 1980 and lives in Aberdeen, Scotland. He is an engraver, painter and sculptor who works mainly with linocuts, etching and woodcarving. His work highlights the consequences of global warming. In particular, Ade Adesina denounces the devastating effects of deforestation and over-consumption of energy, and evokes the threat to animal and plant species on the brink of extinction.

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AMIRI Prize 2023

Image: Lukhanyo Mdingi


Lukhanyo Mdingi


The AMIRI Prize 2023 winner is Lukhanyo Mdingi. Mdingi, born in 1992, launched his fashion line eight years ago in Cape Town and celebrates the local artisans in his community. The South African designer, who creates men’s and women’s fashions, said he was thankful for the opportunity to grow and extend his label. For his spring 2023 collection shown in Paris, Mdingi was inspired by the street style and craftsmanship of Burkina Faso, where many of his clothes are made.

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Eye Art & Film Prize 2023

Image: Garrett Bradley, still from America, multi-channel video installation, 2019.


Garrett Bradley

Eye Art & Film Prize

US artist and filmmaker Garrett Bradley is the winner of the Eye Art & Film Prize 2023. Bradley's work spans narrative, documentary and experimental modes of filmmaking to address themes such as race, class, familial relationships, social justice and socio-political histories within the United States. Adopting archival material alongside newly shot footage, Bradley’s films exist simultaneously in the past, present and future, not only disrupting our perception of time, but has also been at the forefront of challenging cinematic ideas around objectivity, perspective, truth-telling and American history.

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Révélation Arts plastiques 2023

Image: © Rafael Moreno, INDUSTRIAL/POEMS, Paris, 2023, matériaux divers
Crédit photo: Raphael Massart, Paris, 2023


Rafael Moreno

Révélation Arts plastiques

The ADAGP's Révélation Arts plastiques 2023 in partnership with the Salon de Montrouge was awarded to Rafael Moreno. Born in Colombia in 1993, they live and work in Paris. Through installation, performance and text, Rafael Moreno questions the notion of performativity and technology. In order to deconstruct the relationships born of forms of domination and power, they draw on fictional narratives constructed from found objects whose capitalist, neo-liberal and Western symbolism serves to analyse the relationship between the human body, technology and current socio-economic contexts.

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Révélation Design 2023

Image: Paul Gauthier, Les dormants project, École des Arts Décoratifs
© Paul Gauthier, 2023


Paul Gauthier

Révélation Design

The ADAGP's Révélation Design 2023 in partnership with the École des Arts Décoratifs, was awarded to Paul Gauthier for his project Les dormants. Born in 1998, Paul Gauthier is a French designer living and working in Paris, combining spontaneity and rigour, he reinvents the existence of objects through "happy sobriety", in the words of Pierre Rabhi, to whom he relates. Les dormants, which takes its name from the "dormant pieces" used in this project, proposes a new way of looking at the use of second-hand resources in fine furniture. Focusing on the value of re-use and reproducibility, these objects are embodied in a form of minimalism that transforms the material while retaining their singularity.

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