Dorothée Meilichzon

Eyes on Talents member, Dorothée Meilichzon, created the interior of a house built by architect Jean-Benjamin Maneval in the mid-sixties and acquired empty by a collector. Entrusted with the artistic direction of the project, KIF, an interdisciplinary creative studio formed by Guillaume Furet and Mélissa Louis, shared its vision with Dorothée Meilichzon to design the Maison Bulle, a capsule of conviviality in the middle of nature. The interior designer assigned a specific function to each of the six polyester shells: bar area, shower cubicle, sleeping capsule, living room, summarizing everything one would have in a house of reduced dimensions. The bespoke furniture and decors are a tribute to the time when the Maneval bubble houses were produced, inspired by natural forms and omitting any straight lines.
Trained as an industrial designer in France and the United States, Dorothée Meilichzon founded her agency, CHZON, in 2009. Drawing inspiration from places and their context to tell stories, the decorator always seeks to both stick to the times in terms of experience, decor and ergonomics while being part of the long term.