2023 MPavilion

Image: Tadao Ando Architect & Associates, Chichu Art Museum, Naoshima, Japan, 2004.
Photo: Iwan Baan, Thisispaper.


Tadao Ando


Tadao Ando, Pritzker Prize-winning architect, was selected for the 10th MPavilion. When asked about the brief, he commented: “The design for the MPavilion began with a desire to find a scene of eternity within the public gardens of the Queen Victoria Gardens in Melbourne. Eternal, not in material or structure, but in the memory of a landscape that will continue to live in people’s hearts.” One of Japan’s leading contemporary architects, Tadao Ando is a master of light known for his striking geometric interventions in nature. Among his many notable works are the Church of the Light (1989; Osaka, Japan), Pulitzer Arts Foundation (2001; St. Louis, USA), Chichu Art Museum (2004; Naoshima, Japan), 21-21 Design Sight (2007; Tokyo, Japan) and Bourse de Commerce—Pinault Collection (2020; Paris, France).

About the MPavilion

Icelandic Art Prize 2023

Image: Hrafnkell Sigurðsson, Resolution, 2022. Digital images on led screen. Courtesy of the artist and HVERFISGALLERÍ, Reykjavík. Photo: Hrafnkell Sigurðsson


Hrafnkell Sigurðsson

Icelandic Art Prize

Hrafnkell Sigurðsson was awarded the Icelandic Art Prize 2023 for his work Resolution, as a part of the exhibition series Billboard. In 2022, all of Reykjavík watched as inscrutable, moving images appeared on 450 billboards all over the city, in bus stops and on large advertising signs. The screens showed an ever changing fog, sometimes forming shapes and patterns which then dissolved again. This was not a malfunction, but the work Resolution by Hrafnkell Sigurðsson, created from large, composite photographs from the Hubble space telescope, which shows galaxies as they were millions of years ago, at the moment the light that the telescope captures set off.

About the Icelandic Art Prize

2023 AIA Housing Awards

Image: Alterstudio Architecture, Alta Vista Residence, Austin, Texas, completion 2020.


AIA Housing Awards

The 2023 Housing Awards, presented by the AIA Housing and Community Development Knowledge Community, emphasize the importance of good housing as a necessity of life, a sanctuary for the human spirit, and a valuable national resource. This year, 10 projects were recognized for this honor across five categories: One- and Two-Family Custom Residences, Multifamily Housing, Specialized Housing and Excellence in Affordable Housing.

About the AIA Housing Awards

Rubis Mécénat 2023

Image: «Light Pillars», le projet de Marc Lohner.


Marc Lohner

Rubis Mécénat

For the third consecutive year, the Rubis Mécénat endowment fund, patron of Crush, supports the professionalization of young artists. On this occasion, it offers assistance in the production of an installation that will be presented in Saint-Eustache in the fall of 2023, to a 4th or 5th year student of the Beaux-Arts de Paris. This year, the jury chose «Light Pillars», the project of Marc Lohner, 5th year student in the studio of Patrick Faigenbaum. The artist will also benefit from a full curatorial support by Marc Donnadieu.

About Rubis Mécénat

Prix ICART Artistik Rezo 2023

Image: Moïse Togo, $75.000, 2020, 14 min, vidéo 2.39, prise de vue réelle, animation 3D, photogrammétrie, production Le Fresnoy. © Moïse Togo


Moïse Togo

Prix du Jury

Moïse Togo (born in 1990) is the winner of the Prix du Jury 2023 of the Prix ICART Artistik Rezo, with his $75,000 video, created in 2020 while he was a student at Fresnoy (Tourcoing). In this short film, Moïse Togo depicts dramatic testimonies recounting attacks on people with albinism who, in some African countries, are victims of mutilation and ritual crimes because it is believed that they can bring good luck. The short film ends with a chilling observation: the skeleton of an albino can sell for $75,000. However, the artist manages to treat the subject by handling poetry, aesthetics and distance with accuracy.

Image: Laetìcia de Souza Bueno, Ilhas de sonhos (Îles de rêves), 2018/2019. Céramique modelée et émaillée. Dimensions variables. Vue de l'exposition "Carta Aberta, 2018/2019 - Eda- USP, São Paulo, Brésil. © Laetìcia de Souza Bueno


Laetìcia de Souza Bueno

Prix du Public

Laetìcia de Souza Bueno is the winner of the Prix du Public 2023, with her work Ilhas de sonhos (Îles de rêves). Born in São Paulo, Letícia Bueno graduated from the École des Beaux-Arts de São Paulo and the École supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux. Ilhas de sonhosquestions the allegorical meanings of the word island. Associating the island with dreams, with the adventure experienced at night, with the momentum of the subconscious, the work invites us to reflect on the sensations we have when visiting dreams, these unique and familiar places.

About the Prix ICART Artistik Rezo

Han Nefkens Foundation – Southeast Asian

Video Art Production Grant

Image: Trương Công Tùng, Dance of the Insect, 2020. Single channel video, 15:20 minutes.


Trương Công Tùng

Han Nefkens Foundation – Southeast Asian

Video Art Production Grant

Born in 1986, Trương Công Tùng grew up in Dak Lak among various ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands, Vietnam. With research interests in science, cosmology, philosophy and the environment, he works with a range of media, including video, installation, painting and found objects, which re-act personal contemplations on the cultural and geopolitical shifts of modernisation, as embodied in the morphing ecology, belief or mythology of a land. He is also a member of Art Labor (founded in 2012), a collective working between visual art and social/life sciences to produce alternative non-formal knowledge via artistic and cultural activities in various public contexts and locales.

About the Han Nefkens Foundation – Southeast Asian Video Art Production Grant