2023 Wolf Prize

Image: Fujiko Nakaya, Fog Sculpture, 1988, musée Guggenheim, Bilbao, © Fujiko Nakaya


Richard Long

Fujiko Nakaya

Wolf Prize

The 2023 Wolf Prize in the Arts is awarded to Richard Long and Fujiko Nakaya. Richard Long is awarded for being a pioneer of conceptual art centered on personal interaction with the natural world. In 1967, his work A Line Made by Walking introduced a contemporary reimagining of human experience in nature as a subject for art. Fujiko Nakaya, one of Japan’s leading artists, is awarded for being a longtime pioneer of work that intermingles the realms of art, nature, science, and technology. Half a century after she first developed the concept of fog sculptures, she continues to astonish audiences with the magic of work made at the junction of art and nature, poetry and science.

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Kaiserring Goslar 2023

Image: Vadim Zakharov, Danaë, Russian Pavilion, 55th Venice Biennale, Giardini, Venice, 2013. Photo by Daniel Zakharov


Yuri Albert

Vadim Zakharov

Kaiserring Goslar

The Kaiserring Goslar 2023 was awarded to Yuri Albert and Vadim Zakharov. Both artists were born in 1959, Zakharov in Dushanbe and Albert in Moscow, and both have lived in Germany since the early 1990s, with regular, longer stays in Moscow. They are the most important representatives of the second generation of Moscow Conceptualism. In their statement the Kaiserring judges wrote the following: "The artists Yuri Albert and Vadim Zakharov, based on their experiences in Moscow’s artistic underground scene, have given ground-breaking new impulses to international conceptual art. In their artistic practice, they themselves took on the tasks of presentation, commenting on their art and reflecting on art theory..."

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Prix de Dessin Pierre David-Weill 2023
Académie des beaux-arts

Image: Alexis Frémont, Sans titre, pierre noire sur papier, 54 x 48 cm, 2022


Alexis Frémont

1er Prix

Born in 1992, Alexis Frémont is currently a 4th year student at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. He practices exclusively painting and drawing. His love for these two artistic disciplines, so intimately linked, undoubtedly goes back, among other things, to the long moments spent watching, fascinated, his brother draw. At the age of ten, he spent most of his class hours making caricatures to make his classmates laugh. At fifteen, drawing is a refuge in the face of difficult schooling and certain hardships of life. Alexis then spent several years studying his practice as well as the history of art as an autodidact before entering the Beaux-Arts. Drawing was and remains for him a passion, a school, a way of thinking as much as an act of faith in life.

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Prix Michel Journiac

Image: Vue de l'exposition consacrée à la 10e édition du Prix Michel Journiac. Photo: Luis Chenche


Amélie Boulin

Luis Chenche

Mouna Daimallah

Amina Moreau

Prix Michel Journiac

Amélie Boulin, Luis Chenche, Mouna Daimallah and Amina Moreau, students of the École des Arts de la Sorbonne - Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, are the winners of the 10th edition of the Prix Michel Journiac. They are currently presenting their works – videos, installations, paintings or sculptures – in the Juste Avant exhibition at the Galerie Michel Journiac, in Paris, until March 4, 2023.

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2022 Gershon Iskowitz Prize

Image: Tim Whiten, Reliquaire, 2012, handcrafted crystal clear glass, human skull, gold leaf 18.5”x12”x16”


Tim Whiten

Gershon Iskowitz Prize

The Gershon Iskowitz Foundation in partnership with the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is pleased to announce Tim Whiten as the recipient of the 2022 Gershon Iskowitz Prize, presented annually to an artist who has made an outstanding contribution to visual arts in Canada. For more than fifty years, Tim Whiten has been creating personal and evocative works that unite the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and material realms. He has pursued a creative practice, one that includes gestural drawings, sculptures, performances, and installations, rooted in a deep understanding of spiritual cultural practices from around the world.

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Madrid Design Festival Awards 2023

Image: Curro Claret, More than this, 2014. Photo by Juan Lemus


Stefano Boeri

Hella Jongerius

Curro Claret

Life Achievement Award

Madrid Design Festival recognized in its sixth edition the trajectories of Stefano Boeri (Milan, 1956), Hella Jongerius (Utrecht, 1963) and Curro Claret (Barcelona, 1968). For 25 years, multiplicity has been the guiding principle of the multifaceted activity of Stefano Boeri, whose work ranges from architecture and urban visions to design. Aware that color gives the singular essence to the object, Hella Jongerius has developed a new combination system and has put color in its rightful place of importance. Curro Claret recycles and reuses used objects, with this award the jury wishes to celebrate the human and environmental aspect of his work.

About the Madrid Design Festival Awards

2023 Arts Foundation Futures Awards

Image: Louise Lenborg Skajem, Resting Reef.


Louise Lenborg Skajem

Emily Mulenga

Arts Foundation Futures Awards

The Arts Foundation is a registered charity that supports individual artists and creatives in the UK with financial fellowships. In Bio Design, the jury awarded Louise Lenborg Skajem, an interdisciplinary designer who uses material exploration and biomimicry as methods to design innovations that tackle climate change. Her most recent project Resting Reef is an eco-burial service that uses crushed oyster shells and bone ash to build reef structures that enhance marine growth. In Digital Art, the jury awarded Emily Mulenga, a multimedia artist whose practice spans video, digital collage, sculpture and live coded music.

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