Bina Baitel

Eyes on Talents member, Bina Baitel's Fontaine à voeux gonflable for La Monnaie de Paris is taking part in the DESIGN SUR COURS route at Paris Design Week, which runs from today to September 17. La Monnaie de Paris has invited Bina Baitel to design a unique project that echoes the exhibition Monnaies et Merveilles. La Fontaine à voeux gonflablethus occupies the central courtyard of La Monnaie de Paris and initiates a dialogue with its classical architecture.
Bina Baitel is a graduate of the École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Paris-La Villette and founded her eponymous agency in Paris in 2006. Of Franco-Swedish origin, the designer grew up in the Middle East, enriched by many influences, she explores questions of cultural interpenetration on the formal, functional and symbolic levels.