2022 Ritzau Art Prize

Image: Johanna Mirabel, Cascade, 2019. Oil on canvas, 226 x 195 cm.


Johanna Mirabel

Ritzau Art Prize

Born in 1991, Johanna Mirabel is a French artist of Guyanese and Caribbean origin, she is represented by the Galerie Véronique Rieffel in Paris. Johanna Mirabel explores interior spaces. Combining figurative representation and abstraction, she references a mix of stories and memories in quiet scenes where different spatial realities interpenetrate, and perspectives at times deceptive, overlap. Classical genre painting is tinged with bright colors, a reference to Tembé, a typically Guyanese abstract art recognizable by its use of assertive red, yellow, and blue. By using lush vegetation, as well as partially present and disparate objects, she stages contradictions and juxtapositions highlighting the complexity of a multicultural life.

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2022 RIAS Awards

Image: High Sunderland, Galashiels, United Kingdom by Loader Monteith. © Dapple Photography


RIAS Awards

The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) has named the eight buildings to win Scotland’s national architecture awards. Schemes by architects including Reiach and Hall Architects, Konishi Gaffney, Sonia Browse Architects and Moxon Architects were chosen from a 14-strong shortlist. The winning projects range from a new secondary school to a rural office building on the edge of the Balmoral Estate and are spread across the country. They also include Loader Montieth’s retrofit of Peter Womersley’s iconic 1957 High Sunderland house in Galashiels.

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Prix COAL 2022

Image: Marina Gioti, Sounding the Silent World, 2022. © Marina Gioti


Marina Gioti


Marina Gioti received the Prix COAL, dedicated in 2022 to the theme of the oceans. Her project, Sounding the Silent World, aspires to explore the past and present state of wrecks and abandoned ships, their presence and materiality in order to activate a discourse and speculation about their future. The artist has chosen as a case study the archaeological site of Eleusis, west of Athens. Former sanctuary and ritual center, the coastal city, which has become an industrial center, now hides in its abyss a veritable marine cemetery.

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Prix Pujade-Lauraine Carta Bianca

Image: Binta Diaw, Paysage corporel III, series Dïàspora, 2021.
Chalk drawing on pigment print on fine art paper. 21 x 31,5 cm.
Copyright The Artist.


Binta Diaw

Prix Pujade-Lauraine

Binta Diaw is a Senegalese and Italian artist born in 1995 in Milan, Italy, where she lives and works. Her work leans on tradition, memory and the way in which it is inscribed in the body, in particular African ancestors subjected to colonization. The jury of the Prix Pujade-Lauraine was particularly seduced by her Dïàspora series, elegant black and white photographs of fragments of black female bodies, on which Binta Diaw draws with chalk braiding patterns reminiscent of the hair of African women who, when they were reduced to the status of slaves working in the plantations, incorporated seeds from their own country into their braids.

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SFMOMA's 2022 SECA Art Award

Image: Cathy Lu, Peripheral Visions, 2022. Photo: Aaron Stark / Chinese Culture Center.


Binta Ayofemi

Maria Guzmán Capron

Cathy Lu

Marcel Pardo Ariza

Gregory Rick

SECA Art Award

Binta Ayofemi is a multidisciplinary artist expressing Black and Indigenous presence, land and spatial practices and modes of Black abstraction. Through a juxtaposition of bright fabrics, bold prints and a variety of textures, Maria Guzmán Capron creates commanding icons in positions of tenderness, power, vulnerability and movement. Cathy Lu is a ceramics-based artist who deconstructs assumptions about Asian American identity and claims of authenticity. Marcel Pardo Ariza is a visual artist who explores the relationship between kinship and queerness. Gregory Rick creates large-scale paintings that depict scenes of conflict and struggle in high contrast, cartoon-like imagery.

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Prix Utopi.e

Image: Alireza Shojaian, Sous le ciel de Shiraz, 2021. © Alireza Shojaian


Prix Utopi.e

The Prix Utopi.e aims to encourage and make visible the queer artistic scene. Created by two actresses from the art world, Agathe Pinet and Myriama Idir, this new prize is intended as a stepping stone for young French artists from the LGBTQ+ community. Following the exhibition at the Magasins généraux, creative center in Pantin, the 10 artists selected and exhibited decided to share the financial endowments, with the complicity of the jury and the 2 founders.

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2022 Artadia New York Award

Image: Kim Dacres, Grace, 2021. Auto tires, bicycle tires, wood, screws,
spray paint, bicycle chains. 24.5 x 7.5 x 10 in, 24lbs. © Max Yawney


Kim Dacres

Jeffrey Meris

Alex Strada & Tali Keren

Artadia New York Award

Kim Dacres is a Bronx-born Jamaican American visual artist and sculptor who lives in Harlem. She uses found tires and rubber from automobiles and bicycles to create sculptures of ideas and significant people in her life and community. In Jeffrey Meris' most recent work, the artist makes the transition from the trauma of the colonial project in his sculptures to the healing and restoration of those wounds in his paintings. Alex Strada and Tali Keren are New York-based artists and educators who have been working together since 2016. Through poetic interventions in cultural sites and legislative documents, they question the construction of hegemonic narratives and open spaces for political imagination and re-telling.

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