Prix Drawing Now 2022

Image: Karine Rougier, Flux, watercolor on paper, 56 x 76 cm, 2022. © Karine Rougier


Karine Rougier

Prix Drawing Now

Karine Rougier, represented by espace à vendre, was born in 1982, she lives and works in Marseille. Her drawings reinvent a nature where human forms mingle with animal forms, where invisible bodies and powers unite in the same embrace. Her watercolor washes on paper pass over the shapes and, like a receding tide, leave behind only a few details, a few lines. Crossed by a powerful vital impetus, her compositions are the fruit of an emancipated look that infuses the bodies with desire and power.

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Prix Sisley Beaux-Arts de Paris
pour la Jeune Création

Image: Clédia Fourniau, Série 195/130-HV, acrylic ink, dye and resin on canvas,
195 x 130 cm, 2019-2021. Photo credit: Romain Darnaud


Clédia Fourniau

Prix Sisley Beaux-Arts de Paris
pour la Jeune Création

Clédia Fourniau was born in 1992 in Paris, she graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2021 where she trained in the studio of Tatiana Trouvé. Clédia Fourniau sees her work "as an archaeology of the coloured layer, of transparency and light, where painting questions the relationship between the body and space". The works created in series are made of polyurethane resin coloured by the artist and aqueous tinted solutions. The painting-objects come to life in the light, reflecting back to us, leaving the viewer to explore the work and its perception in space.

About the Prix Sisley Beaux-Arts de Paris pour la Jeune Création

Prix Social Practice Arts

Image: Anna Ternon, La fabrique des montagnes, 2018.
Sand extracted from the Bizou quarry, steel plate, 100 x 250cm.


Ana Elena Tejera and Ines Sieulle

Rafaela Lopez

Marina Ledrein and Julie Ramage

Anna Ternon

Prix Social Practice Arts

The winners of the first edition of the Prix Social Practice Arts, dedicated to participatory arts are: Ana Elena Tejera and Ines Sieulle, Rafaela Lopez, Marina Ledrein and Julie Ramage, and Anna Ternon. "This program aims to support, reward and promote actors who invest in the field of design and implementation of participatory arts projects, artistic practices for social inclusion, collaborative art", explains the CENTQUATRE-PARIS, at the origin of the prize, in collaboration with the Fondations Edmond de Rothschild and the Délégation en France de la Fondation Gulbenkian.

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Prix DDESSIN {22}

Image: Emma Picard, Livia, 2022. Graphite ink on paper, 27x38cm.
Courtesy Dupré & Dupré Gallery.


Emma Picard


Emma Picard, represented by the Dupré & Dupré Gallery (Béziers and Paris), has been named the winner of the prix DDESSINPARIS/INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE SAINT-LOUIS DU SÉNÉGAL. Emma Picard trained in cabinet making and sculpture and now pursues a more conceptual plastic work. At DDESSINPARIS, she presents the Playboys series. Inspired by issues of Playboy Magazine printed in Braille by the National Library in Washington to guarantee equality between citizens, Emma Picard questions the notion of perception and the discrepancy between words and images, objectivity and the universality of desire in the transcription of perception.

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RIBA regional Building of the Year 2022

Image: Sands End Arts and Community Centre by Mæ Architects, Fulham, London, 2017-2020.
RIBA London Building of the Year - Winner 2022. © Rory Gardiner


RIBA regional Building of the Year

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has announced the ten winning projects of the 2022 RIBA Building of the Year Award in their respective regions. Sands End Arts and Community Centre by Mæ Architects is the 2022 London Building of the Year. Sited beside the Clancarty Lodge in the northwestern corner of South Park, the community center is a development comprising several new pavilions arranged around the existing Clancarty Lodge, a landmark included in the project and refurbished as an exhibition space.

About the RIBA regional Building of the Year

Talents Contemporains 2022

Image: Marie-Anita Gaube, Can’t run away from yourself, 2020, acrylic and oil on canvas.
© Marie-Anita Gaube/Adagp, Paris 2022.


Marie-Anita Gaube

M’hammed Kilito

Eva Medin

Sarah Ritter

Talents Contemporains

The François Schneider Foundation announced the winners of the 11th edition of "Talents Contemporains", around the theme of water. The winners are: Marie-Anita Gaube, who presented a painting with surreal accents entitled Can’t run away from yourself; M’hammed Kilito, whose polyptych of photographs Hooked to paradise addresses the challenges of the degradation of oases in Morocco; Eva Medin, for her "choreographic fable" entitled L’Europe après la pluie, inspired by the science fiction book by Philippe Curval and a painting by Max Ernst; and Sarah Ritter, for her series of 20 photographs, Les vagues scélérates, dealing with the behavior of water and light.

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Maxwell/Hanrahan Foundation
Awards in Craft

Image: Jamie Okuma, Elk boots, 2018. Antique glass seed beads beaded onto Giuseppe Zanotti
platform boots size 37. Courtesy Maxwell/Hanrahan Foundation. Photo: Cameron Linton.


Maxwell/Hanrahan Foundation
Awards in Craft

The new annual fellowship scheme seeks to redress the imbalance in arts sector funding for crafts. The five inaugural fellows are Antonius-Tín Bui, a queer, non-binary, multidiscilinary artist whose work is partly inspired by their Vietnamese heritage; Christine Lee who works with sustainable, non-toxic, and fibre-based materials, using a combination of traditional craft techniques and computer-based technology; Kristina Madsen who enlivens her wooden furniture pieces with freehand intaglio carving; Jamie Okuma who incorporates beadwork across multiple artforms; and Terrol Dew Johnson who combines modern design with traditional Tohono O'odham basket weaving.

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