Daniele Michetti
VP head of shoes
Daniele Michetti
VP head of shoes
New York, États-Unis
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The Daniele Michetti brand came to life in 2009 out of a need to create collections that had a purity of style and
were devoid of commercial contamination.

The logo, ever present on each creation as a metal accessory beneath the sole, is the stylization of Daniele Michetti’s
initials, reduce


d to five essential lines which represent the five Main Values of the brand:
Creative: attention to detail, study, work, development and talent. We don’t talk about shoes – we talk about
fulfilled ideas. We don’t talk about production – we talk about paths. From design to creation, time passes. Time to
generate value and quality. Time to select unmistakable details. And time to reach the essence.
Timeless: Beauty, pure beauty, is timeless. The past does not exist, only what is happening now. Creations that exist
in three dimensions banish what is flat and dull, in an uncommon space between experimentation and certainty.
Powerful: direct creations, whose mere presence is an instantaneous and precise expression. Hand craftsmanship,
strong colors and sharp lines abound.
Pretentious: not at all easy, indeed complex throughout the line. Common miracles are of no consequence, we offer
concentrated energy for women of character who are looking for an object that humors them, that emphazises them
that prolongs them. We offer nothing that is linear.
Luxurious: what is on offer is the pleasure of feeling that a precious object is your own.

The design concept is focused on the femininity inspired by the contamination from all of Daniele’s professional
experiences and his sensitivity in dressing women: modern in volumes, meticulous in proportions and details,
handcrafted in working methods.
One of the signatures of the brand which has immediately become recognizable are the leather bands with exposed
stitching that endow the brand with an allure of sophisticated craftsmanship.
In July 2009 Daniele Michetti won the WHO IS ON NEXT contest organized by VOGUE and ALTAMODAROMA for the
best accessories designer. The recognition and acknowledgement received from buyers and press, from the
president of the Chamber of Fashion and by Sozzani, who were on the jury, confer credibility and renown on an
emerging name that is getting more and more visibility in important windows that feature in his customer list.
The strategy is clear: a brand, Daniele Michetti, that has the presumption to combine elements of style, tradition,
quality and experimentation all directed towards the creation of collections that are an assortment of unique pieces.

Daniele Michetti

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SV head of shoes
Stuart Weitzman nov.. 1, 2016 - Présent
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daniele michetti sept.. 1, 1995 - Présent

Daniele Michetti was born in Corridonia in September 1976 into a shoemaking family.
When he was still very young he took his first steps into the world of footwear and
attended various specialization courses.
His professional experience began with Santoni: for ten years (!995-2005) he worked as


a stylist and product manager for the footwear brand. This is where Daniele began his
passion for luxury, beauty and innovation, which are now unmissable elements in his
He was personally instrumental in the growth of the company, from family-run shoe
factory to an established name in men’s footwear and, working closely with the sales
network, he was able to develop and refine the company’s know-how.
His now consolidated ambition, passion and experience have driven Daniele Michetti to
embark on new creative paths in order to interpret a style for women who, as “noble”
and “revolutionary”, have attraction as their expressive code.

His eclectic and untiring style ranges from luxury to extreme deconstruction, from bon
ton to elegant sobriety, with a constant and inexhaustible supply of development of
materials, colors and sensations.
In July 2009 he participated in the contest “WHO IS ON NEXT”, organized by
ALTAMODAROMA and VOGUE and won the accessories session as the best emerging
accessory designer.
The success he has enjoyed with buyers and the press spurred Daniele to market his new
collection which met with immediate favor by the best stores in the world.
During the course of his professional experience he has worked for BURBERRY PORSUM
He is currently working, with direct product responsibility, with SERGIO ROSSI, TOD’S

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head of design
Santoni sept.. 1, 1995 - mar.. 31, 2005
corridonia, Italie



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