Rémi Jauze
Sportswear Designer
Rémi Jauze
Sportswear Designer
London, Royaume-Uni
3 - 5 ans d'expérience
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Looking for a new challenge in a Designer position where 5 years of international industry experience backed by strong creative, management and communication skills as well as a great focus on developing sustainable solutions. I am seeking to share my passion and skills with others and work with a li


ke minded creative team.

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Sportswear Designer
Central Saint Martins (London) nov.. 2, 2020 - Présent
London, Royaume-Uni

Responsible for creating initial concepts, prints and logo designs, apply strong fabric knowledge and applications, produce detailed technical drawings and managing all steps of development until completion for both own seasonal collections and special projects so this experience makes me very motiva


ted for new challenges.

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Sportswear Designer
Mektrax mar.. 2017 - juin. 2020
Dubai, Émirats arabes unis

I worked In Dubai and London, being Responsible for all the creative matters in a young cycling brand on seasonal collections and custom designs as well
as all the development process with the factories. I designed for both men and women and I developed a special interest in fabrics, construction, pr


ints and colours so this experience makes me very motivated for new challenges.

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Freelance Graphic Designer
Freelance mar.. 2013 - mar.. 2017
Paris, France

I worked in Paris, London and Dubai as a Print specialist Designer taking care of communication projects on all kind of supports. Edition, posters, flyers,
logos, branding etc. In this role I learnt how to work independantly, paying a big attention to details while meeting tight deadlines. It was all


about being organized as well as being creative which makes me today a reliable Graphic Designer.

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Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts de Nancy sept.. 2011 - juin. 2013
Nancy, France

– Thesis publishing about «the value of a free gesture»
– Degree earnt with the compliments of the jury.

École de Recherche Graphique jan.. 2012 - juin. 2012
Brussel, Belgique

6 months exchange program at the ERG Brussel, option Typographie.

Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin sept.. 2008 - juin. 2011
Strasbourg, France

Learnt and experimented the creative industry roles.

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Sportswear Design

Apparel Design


Product Development

Graphic design



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