Mathilde Cros
Interior Architect and Designer
Mathilde Cros
Interior Architect and Designer
London, Royaume-Uni
1 - 3 ans d'expérience
27 ans
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Master of Research in Architecture
Royal College of Art (London) sept.. 28, 2019 - déc.. 31, 2020
London, Royaume-Uni

I completed my qualifications at École Camondo with a Master of Research in Architecture at the Royal College of Art, to further answer the questions I encountered during my studies. I took this opportunity to focus on how entertainment is used to interest audiences, looking at experiments by cultur


al institutions that offered a wider space of intervention to the public, particularly in relation to technological and immersive change. Through this research I am learning more about exhibition strategy and public engagement, and hope to apply this knowledge not only to the museum space but also to other event formats that put people, art and craft in relation to one another.

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Desjeux Delaye juil.. 7, 2019 - août. 18, 2019
Paris, France

Freelance mission working with the dynamic Desjeux Delaye team on various 3 and 4 stars hotel projects. Objectives as hand drawn interior views, sketches, quick layouts and colored cuts, materials boards, mood-boards, and taking part in client meetings built a great opportunity to apply school learn


ing in a professional environment in the short amont of time before starting a year of academic research.

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Master in Interior Architecture and Design
Camondo sept.. 2014 - juin. 2019
Paris, France

My studies in interior architecture and design have taught me the leadership skills to develop design projects, from the global spatial approach to more technical, structural and functional details. I believe my understanding of the two design disciplines enable me to develop tailored proposals and t


o be versatile, using technical skills such as detailed plans, 3D visualisations and drawings

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Crafts Exhibition Design Internship
Faire, Agence Auvray juin. 2018 - août. 2018
Annecy, France

During this internship I had the opportunity to work on a Exhibition design project for the Discovery Rediscovery pavillion at the 2018 Homo Faber exhibition (Venice). I realized some layouts, technicals cuts and 3D views. Partnership client for the exhibition included Hermès, Cartier, Mont Blanc or


Robert Four.
I also worked on some graphic design for Van Cleef & Arpels’ pop-up stores and show windows.

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