Julien Tucker
J. Dangerfield
Julien Tucker
J. Dangerfield
New York, États-Unis
Plus de 10 ans d'expérience
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I am an artist, but I call myself a designer. The difference is that a designer plans with precision and sophistication, giving order to or addressing a problem with the goal of solving it. An artist is someone who practices then demonstrates. The art may be personal or what society has deemed cultur


ally relevant. I use photography as a tool or an asset in my arsenal to design and construct. I strive to bring forth new perspectives, change opinions, and create experiences that evoke the greatest emotions.

I am a graduate of the International Center of Photography, earning a certificate in General Studies in Photography. Also I am an alumni from St. John’s University’s with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts. As part of this program and ICP, I have completed core courses in photography as well as black-and-white and color printing, graphic design, studio lighting/production, fashion design, Video Art and Editorial/Advertising Concepts.

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Dior Fashion Photography Award for Young Talents
Arles, France
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Bachelor in Fine Arts
St. Johns University août. 30, 2014 - mai. 15, 2018
New York City, États-Unis
General Studies
International Center of Photography sept.. 2016 - juin. 2017
New York City, États-Unis

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Dior: The Art of Color

Femininity, beauty, colour: these are themes upon which both photography and the House of Dior built their founding values. From this shared aesthetic quest “Dior, The Art of Colour” was born. For the first time last year in Arles, this exhibition presented the photographic and chromatic universes of


the three artistic directors of the House of Dior. Today, Dior decided to renew the experience by launching an unprecedented prize called the Dior Photography Award for Young Talents, in partnership with the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie and hosted by Luma Arles. Built around a mutual will for sharing and visionary boldness, this contest aims above all to be an international dialogue about young creation.

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Meet up-and-comer Julien Tucker, who’s even caught the eye of Dior Beauty.

Photographer Julien Tucker is not most 22-year-olds. In fact, when we caught up with him at the Art of Color: Dior Beauty Photo Award for Emerging Talents Exhibition in Arles, France, a few weeks ago, he was still a few day


s shy of his birthday, meaning that at 21, he was already presenting his work on the international stage. Impressive much?

Hosted by the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie and The Luma Foundation, the Dior Beauty event showcased up-and-coming stars in the photography world playing on color, femininity, and beauty with the theme of “Woman-Women Faces.” The judges included none other than industry icons Peter Lindberg and Simon Baker.

“[Julien] was my favorite,” said Lindberg. “I think it’s one of the freshest—such an easy approach. He just took his camera and took a few friends.”

Baker agreed. “It’s really well done. You can see some references of Nan Goldin or intimate photography, but then he’s made the story, he’s engaged with the concept. He also made some of the clothes that the subjects are wearing, so he’s bringing in creativity in many ways. It’s a pretty sophisticated thing to do." I inquired what this type of international exposure could mean for such young creatives. "There are a lot of artists from China, from South Korea, and for them to be invited to come all the way here and see all of the things that are in the show is fantastic. It could be really life changing."

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