Benoît Martin-Kersenbaum
Benoît Martin-Kersenbaum
Based in
Paris - Lyon, France
5 - 10 years experience
33 years old
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Maison Fabre Jan. 2019 - Present
Paris, France

Design for gloves collection.

artistic director
meus Oct. 27, 2018 - Present
Paris, France

The desire to reinterpret the classics.
Benoit Martin and Sébastien Plaetevoet decided in 2018 to create a more sustainable fashion brand, meus.
It all started by creating a timeless silhouette. Made up of soft and resistant sweatshirts, underwear designed as a garment which they like to call "the


garment of the underneath".

They reinforce their identity by installing the brand's own codes: exclusive colors and tone-on-tone embroidery "m" as a stamp.

Workwear is also a source of inspiration for its efficiency and reassures for its quality.
All the materials are meticulously chosen and tested to ensure the durability of the garment, and enable the colors to stay true.
The duo has an iron will, make their wardrobe indispensable that one wants to wear throughout the seasons.
From the research for fabrics to production, meus is willing to move forward with a careful look on its environmental impact.

To achieve that, meus restricts the use of plastic, rationalizes the transport, customizes its classics to tell

a new story.
meus, a brand that wants to be human through its approach, accessible through its commercial offer,

and pays attention to its customers' needs to create a strong relationship.

meus is inspired by the transitive verb to move, the idea of putting one's body into action, in a garment combining ease and freedom of movement, and which, in Latin, means mine for clothes just for oneself.

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styliste de mode
Studio Berçot (Paris) Sep. 1, 2008 - Jun. 30, 2010
paris, France
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