Olivier Valla
Olivier Valla
Based in
paris, France
More than 10 years experience

"As long as humanity has this form, it will always need to sit, sleep and eat somewhere.."

Scenographer/ Designer
Paris Apr. 1, 2009 - Present

Scenographic design, 3D modelling and rendering, trend sheet • agency: HavasEvent, Gl Event, Denise en Australie, Oeufscocotte, etc ––– Furniture: Xavier Derome ––– Cat-boat design (Move) ––– 3D printing: Rabbit Family, Obeewax ––– Packaging / Communication: PLASTIDELUX, Arkema ..

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Scenographer/ Designer/Graphic Designer
Paris Apr. 1, 2003 - Present

A couple of examples per activities: Event Scenopgraphy: Eurorscg C & O, DDB ––– Multimedia infographics: Eurorscg C & O, AEA ––– Film Poster: Jour de Fete, Vivat Prod ––– DVD Multimedia: Nec, Essilor ––– Graphics for Film: Camping, Women of law ––– Installations / Screenings: Festival Lezarts, TieBr


eak ––– Website: Viva Prod, XPFrance ––– Print: Tess, Novocine ..

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Artistic Director
Stockho - Paris Apr. 1, 2002 - Present

Stockho Internet agency: Artistic direction, creative planning, Flash animation design

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Artistic Director
Bless - Paris Apr. 1, 2001 - Present

Artistic direction, graphic and web design: leaflet, flyer, advertising poster, video integration and Flash production, 3D modelling

Artistic Director Web Design
Netzed - Paris Apr. 1, 1999 - Present

Netzed, communication agency: Artistic direction, graphic and web design, video integration and Flash production, 3D modelling

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Graphic designer
Paris Apr. 1, 1995 - Present

Press: EBU, Partners & Markets ––– Catalog: PYLONES, AFFA ––– PoS: Pylones, Xcreation ––– Advertising: Pylones, Top Secret ––– Flyer: Dessange, Transbordeur ––– 3D: Demo Movie Object and Architecture ––– Website: EBU, Bull

Object designer
Paris Apr. 1, 1984 - Present

Furniture creation, single pieces or limited edition: VIA exhibitions (Cologne, Paris, Zurich); Meanwhile The Barbarians (Paris); D&D (Paris); INOV (Marseille); SEITA (Paris); SIL (Paris) ––– Industrial object edition: Urban Furniture (Socarel); Lighting (D & D) ––– Objects / Gadget (Pylons) ––– Tetr


aplegic interactive mask (CNRS) ––– Furniture (SISA, WIP, MIRODAN) ––– Various creation: Private Night Signage; Pavillon National de la Réunion (Mauritius); Furniture for "la box à Marie" franchise ––– Commercial Decors: Corona, Peugeot, TV

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CAP Ebenisterie
SEPR - Lyon Apr. 1, 1979 - Present