Are you talking to me?

Are you talking to me?
Uses and applications of connected objects
Exhibition design

The exhibition is comprised of four screens, each dedicated to a theme: domestic space, health, mobility, empathy. On a side, illustrated frescos represent the 24 objects placed in context: at home, in the publi


c space or regarding to care-giving situation.

On the opposite side, the objects being presented take the floor. When a sensor is activated by the visitor the objects talk and respond to the question being asked by the exhibition’s title. The texts (written by Sophie Coiffier and played by Allyson Ezell and William Martin) tell about different aspects of the connected objects displayed (issue, function, technology).

Exhibition co-produced by the city of Enghien-les-bains and the Cité du design of Saint-Etienne, with the contribution of the UNESCO creative cities of Design: Beijing, Detroit, Dundee, Graz, Helsinki, Kobe, Montreal, Nagoya, Saint-Etienne, Seoul and Shenzhen.

Co-curators: Dominique Roland, Director of the Centre des Arts, City of Enghien-les-bains
Olivier Peyricot, Designer and Director of the Research Department at the Cité du design
Texts: Research Department of Cité du design
Soundscape: texts: Sophie Coiffier / voices: Allyson Ezell, William Martin
Coordination: Sarah Faguer, Office for production, Centre des Arts, City of Enghien-les-bains
Josyane Franc : Director of International Affairs, Cité du design, City of Saint-Etienne
Sound recording: And Good Day, Romain Passerone
Executive production: I Make Things Happen, Julien Granger
Technical management: Jérôme Kerner, Vincent Tirlemont, Arnaud Véron

Photo credits: Nicolas Laverroux

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Installation and Scenography

Projet suivant par Studio Idaë