Man has always sought to re-appropriate his body, transforming it into an artistic medium. These practices have allowed us to witness minimal, as well as drastic and often irreversible changes. Tattoos, plastic surgery, implants, physical therapies, traditional medicine…
All these interventions on th


e body testify today to what humanity perceives to be the beauty.

Globalization is gradually blending cultures, practices, and visions of aesthetics. But what notions of beauty our children will have? How far will man's impact on his own body go?

« The butcher » is a brand of accessory that questions the mutations inflicted on the body.
Between ready-to-wear object and sculpture, the brand gives a vision of what globalization will bring to the notion of beauty. It offers the consumer the possibility to access what will be the human ethnic group in the future.

Giving a futuristic point of view to consumers means giving them a feeling of being overwhelmed by the world around them. Because change also means engendering fear of the unknown.

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