Seiran Tsuno
Seiran Tsuno
Tokyo, Japon
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I make works including headpieces while working as a nurse at a psychiatric hospital.

The concept of my work is a “dress to communicate with the unseen world”.

This collection proposes new dress from Japanese shamanistic aesthetics using various modern materials such as 3D pen and urethane.

I brie


fly explain the reason why I chose this concept.

I used to wear flashy hair makeup and be dressed in excessive dresses in my school days.

Being dressed in such a dress made me feel that I live in a different world apart from the real world which was very comfortable.

I was led to the answer “national costume” after having researched on what I wanted to express from primitive ones.

I was attracted by national costumes for communicating with gods and spirits of ancestors, so focused on them in my research.

Among the world 's national costumes, many of them are excessive, big and extraordinary. And I am awed by their presence.

Since long ago, people have created extraordinary dresses and decorations to communicate with the unseen world.

I deeply sympathize with the thought of believing in such an unseen world and the heart of people who appeal for the salvation from there. And I strongly feel the power that these dresses do have.

There are many decorations to communicate with different worlds also in Japan.

Among them, there is “YORISHIRO” which is a decoration for communicating with many Japanese gods.

The glowing decoration that is given to Shrines/Temples and portable shrine/costumes during the festival is made to call floating gods considering how extraordinary it could be.

I propose a new dress for communicating with the unseen world, using various materials and thinking the mind of people who needed such things and have produced them.

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ITS 2018
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Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing oct.. 2016 - mar.. 2018
Tokyo, Japon
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coconogacco 2016 - 2018

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