Rorschach rug

Inspired by Dr Rorschach tests (1884-1922), the Rorschach rug collection lets our imagination run free.
From a distance or in detail, in one sense or the other, Rorschach rugs seem to reinvent themselves every time you look at them.
Simple ink blots spreading casually on a surface create unusual


images, such as dancers, mythical animals, weird plants… but also more familiar shapes from the domestic environment.
Rorschach 2, for instance, reminds us of the animal hides we traditionally see as carpets on domestic floors.
The blot-motifs of the Rorschach rug collection, at the same time casual and symmetrical, give us a new approach to interior decoration through a multitude of coloured images left entirely free to our interpretation.
Hand-tufted rug. New Zeland wool and viscose. H 200 x L 300cm.

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