Pause Onirique - Molteni - Scenography

Date : 2013
Client : Molteni&C, Dada
Exhibitions : Paris D'Days 2013

« Pause Onirique » – Scenography and curating of the Flagship Store Molteni&C Dada for Paris Designer’s Days 2013 / Theme « And tomorrow »

The showroom Molteni & C and Dada turns for the week in a strange and poetic gallery


where the public becomes part of the installation.
Molteni&C furniture have been staged in fairy and aerial pictures hidden behind large mirrors. The visitor discovers them by taking the time to sit,a light is activated revealing fantastic scenes where the iconic italian brand furniture become actors of chimeric situations.
An invitation to take a break and imagine what a future in the air could be.

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Installation and Scenography

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