I am Poblek.

In Brittany I opened my eyes to your restless world. You sometimes ruffle my feathers by moving me here and there but, after all, you help me to look, always a step aside.

This stool imagined by the designer Isabelle Daëron brings together for its design several Breton craftsmen aroun


d living materials from French companies committed to sustainable economy and heritage conservation.

The cabinetmaker Sabrina Rapp elaborated and manufactured a solid and discreet pine frame. Then it is the upholsterer Stéphane Poissel who dressed the structure to guarantee a comfortable seating and make this stool a functional and pleasant seat. For its covering, we chose a 100% pure merino wool produced by a company with the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label. Finally the look of Poblek opens with two pieces of needlework embroidered by Céline le Belz, French craftsperson of the year.

Poblek means in Breton what is popular and lively. The creation of Poblek awakens this word: popular, Poblek is in its form. Animated, it is by you and by those who created it.

Galerie Mica

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