Maison Hermès Window
May 19 to July 12, 2016

In “Making Waves,” the French artist Isabelle Daëron turns to the movement of water to address the Hermès 2016 theme of “La Nature au Galop (Nature at Full Gallop).” To articulate the dynamism of this motion, she harnesses the form of water drops to


compose the entire landscape in these displays.

The large front window depicts various different sources of water in the natural world. Her images commence with the pelting down of rain on pavement, moving on to track the waters of mighty waves flowing into the sea, and the frozen descent of water onto in icicle-like structure. All of this flows into a single integrated storyline, with the Hermès products dotting the landscape likewise closely engaged in the movement.

Developed in the smaller window is her examination of the ties between objects and water. Portrayed here are silkworms feeding on mulberry leaves and the resulting silk, rock surfaces conjuring up images of silver mining realms and other sagas to convey the bonds between raw materials and water. Not halting there, the space also explores how water is used in the crafting of jewelry, the dyeing of leather and the washing of silk. This effectively ushers in images of the so-called “water footprint” of water consumed in such production activities.

The phrase “Making Waves” also carries the nuance of prolonged confrontations raising doubts or questions along the way. Turning her attention to the dual aspects of the unbroken presence of water in the lap of nature on one hand, and the human society that makes use of that water on the other, the result is a roadmap for contemplating the realities of water and the world in which we make our lives.
Photo credits: Satoshi Asakawa

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