Madeline Felauer
Fashion and Textile Designer
Madeline Felauer
Fashion and Textile Designer
Based in
New York City, United States
5 - 10 years experience

Approaching fashion from the perspective of a performative second skin, Madeline Felauer's silhouettes embody a sense of whimsy that reflect both my unique design aesthetic and romantic subject matter.
Born in 1998 in a small town in Wisconsin, her feelings of childhood restlessness were amplified t


hrough continual ingestion of novels that spun tales of adventure and travel. She became involved in garment creation due to its ability to transcend a physical location, allowing the viewer to be swept into a world only existing through the garments. She is inspired by visual works such as the Wizard of Oz and puppetry, which influence my approach to costume through a sculptural lense. As well as intrigued by the malleability that fabric holds, and its transformative qualities that allow exaggerated shapes to be formed. Her work utilizes the manipulation of non-traditional fabrics such as spandex, pattern and fabric curation to facilitate my ideas on intimacy and storytelling. These concepts are approached through a humorous combination of large bulbous shapes at unexpected locations and explosions of patterns.
Felauer is a recent graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she earned a 2020 BFA in Fashion Design. Currently based in Chicago, she has been involved in a number of fashion exhibitions through SAIC as well as a garment display at the St Jane Hotel on Michigan Avenue. Felauer’s fashion practice includes utilization of interdisciplinary techniques ranging from foundry, fabric dying and print design.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts
School of the Art Institute of Chicago Aug. 25, 2016 - May. 10, 2020
Chicago, United States

Fashion Design Major

Design Development Intern
Thom Browne May. 30, 2019 - Aug. 10, 2019
New York, New York, United States

Intern for Women’s team, worked closely with designers to create fabric manipulations for S/S 2020 Runway, and assisting in creation of digital prints. Organization tasks include categorizing of materials, shipping of international fabrics and participation in fittings.

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Industrial and Hand Sewing

Garment and Textile Design

Flat Patterning and Draping

Synthetic and Natural Dyes


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Adobe InDesign

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Spanish; Castilian

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