Gueules de bois are upcycled wooden objects, chosen and collected because they have distinctive shapes and materials, sometimes incongruous, surprising or obvious.

Each was first cleaned with care, sanded and then painted by hand. The patterns reveal them in a new light, they play on their original


identity or exaggerate their features. The Hangovers are all unique pieces: only one copy exists in each model, they are signed on the back.
A little exuberant, they disguise themselves as flowers, derived in fresh and youthful color ranges, are adorned with subtle material treatment. With humor and poetry, they play with contrasts: shapes, wood grain and touches of paint collide and meet. Hand painted, each piece conveys its own universe while containing common themes. They constitute a series of unique pieces to collect, to offer individually or as a group.

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Receptacles, upcycling, home accessories, recyclage


hand painted, peint à la main, collecte


Wood, bois

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