Partenariat Ecole Boulle x Reseaclons

The ReSeaclons project started in Le Grau du Roi in April 2018, initiated by Xavier Murard, the Marine Institute of the Seaquarium and the recycling company, Trivéo. A first French sector for the collection and recycling of marine plastic wastes was created. 95% of the plastic waste collected at sea


by fishermen enters this sector thanks to an innovation allowing to mix any type of plastic. Today, this new plastic material is shaped in a small pot called the Seacup. In November 2019, for 4 months, a partnership was created with Clémentine Chambon and the DNMADE Social Innovation Object section of l'Ecole Boulle school. 19 students followed by their professors Antoine Fermey and Anne-Laure Pulcini, offered possible post-SeaCup opportunities. Their work is steeped in the history of the "pot", its belonging to a typical Mediterranean territory. The students' proposals are based on the properties and qualities of this new material and respond to the uses of the territory.

Merci et bravo à Marie Cadoret, Chad Garçon, Niels Nijmann, Juliette Broussolle, Lucie Blanchot, Zoé Dahan, Antoine Duval, Juliette Focki, Tanguy Pitavy, Quentin Raffenne, Clara Martini, Coline Dupuy, Hugo Riesenmey, Julien Kudic.

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Vase, Outdoor Furniture, Industrial design, r&d, material innovation, sustainable innovation


3D Print, tooling


Plastic, recycled plastic wastes

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