Design research residency / ENSCI - Les Ateliers,
october 2018 - march 2019

Paperwork project was built on an experiment made with a laboratory based in Belgium.
In May 2017, 5 prototypes of OLED light printed on paper are manufactured and are lit in a ve


ry specific atmosphere.
However after further exploration, major technical challenges are revealed as costs issues are raised.
The resarch focused then on a new problematic : how is it possible to copy the effect produced by a surfacic light as the OLED, with low tech tools and more mature technologies such as LEDs and printed electronics?

From drawings to paper prints, in parallel of the technological tests and technology sourcing, the symbolic and historic relation between light and paper is to explore.

The conductive ink on paper allows new fonctionnalities, new shapes of lights, new stories of products.
What if a drawing book is a lamp ?
What if a light fits in an envelope ?

The design residency is now over but the industrial prototyping phase starts in May with the main partners : Fedrigoni papers, ADM print and Procédés Chénel.

Meanwhile a research book is to be written, a book in which let there be light !

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Lighting, Product Interaction & Technical Innovations


LED, paper, OLED

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