Tableware, Bras coffee Museum Soulages, 2013-2014

Dishes designed for Bras coffee in the Soulages museum reflects the intentions and values of place and cooking imagined by the Bras family to the city of Rodez.
Very close to the type of brewery, Bras coffee is not a place qualified with strong sensa


tions and innovative experiences but by taste of memory and pleasure of sharing; it is part of the city, the country and its people. Close to what we like to call peasant design, dishes trying to be discreet support this cuisine, a humble and silent presence. It evokes a culture and values, it speaks to our memory as our senses with immediacy and simplicity. We took inspiration in the shape of the caldron jam in copper by drawing a surface that turns and ends with a bead. The round and generous reverse is what constitutes the technical challenge and specificity of the identity of the range.

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