In the past, limited storage acted like a selection for our collective memory. Only major events were kept to elaborate History.
Nowaday technologies offer us what seems to be an infinite capacity of storage. Is this a reason to pass on every single datas ? How do we make a selection to leave meanin


gful stories to the future ?
To tell a significant story, we deliberately constraint ourselves to a limited system storage, reminding us tape or film roll. We used textile as a recording material for its inspiring symbolic history.
100 meter story is a minimal display system made of 100 meter colored moving strap. When running, ribbon show an encrypted message until patterns of each strap match and reveal distinguishable shapes. When winding again several shapes merge into each other and create unexpected figures to enhance the story.
In between the Arecibo message and Bayeux tapestry, we imagined a narrative media anyone could understand and interpret. A different story is winded on each bobbin.

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