Le Vélo - Electric Bike

LE VÉLO is an electric and connected bike designed by PAULINE DELTOUR for Yellow Innovation, the creative laboratory from La Poste. Teamed up with art directors, engineers, bike-experts, bike makers, it has been shown for the first time at the CES in Las Vegas in 2017. With its slim, agile and light


weight body, LE VÉLO is totally at home in the city. A particular attention has been given to the frame design, that reminds many of the legendary stylish French saloon’s cars. Two batteries assure it meets an urban user’s needs. A small and extremely light "Mars bar"- sized battery pack provides 30 minutes of ride, as the average time from point A to point B in most cities is a 20-minute bike commutes. This small battery, that slips into a shirt pocket, can be easily charged using a power outlet, cigarette lighter or a computer, via USB.

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