Collection of headpieces — in collaboration with Antonin Mongin (textile designer and researcher)
"Prix spécial du Jury" of the Hyères Festival 35th — fashion accessories category

Bijoux de tête is a research project led by studio dach&zephir in collaboration with textile designer and researcher Ant


onin Mongin. As an exploration of new way of tailoring fashion accessories, the project pursues Mongin’s reflexion on the revalorisation of the craftsmanship of the cut hair in the eighteen and nineteen-centuries, though his PhD at Ensad LAB (SACRe program - Science, Art, Creation, Recherche).
This old craft from the eighteen century — thankfully well documented notably in Les ouvrages en cheveux by Andrée Chanlot in 1986 — consisted to give its cut hair or those of one who love(d) to a craftsman (called during this ancient time artiste en cheveux [transl. hair artist]). This craftsman was the one capable of transforming a hair donation into a sur-mesure sentimental jewelries. Those emotional jewelries were family treasures that was passed through generations.

During one year and a half of development on the basis of Mongin’s research, dach&zephir developed several forms that highlighted potentialities of contemporaries narratives and techniques offert by this ancestral savoir-faire.

The first result of this collaboration is a collection of seven headpieces, presenting seven stories and relationship with hairs, though fictives personas. As exemples of hairworks, each piece is unique and explore new ways of tailoring accessories by using a personal donation of hairs given to the studio and shaped by personal stories.

For this very first collection, dach&zephir and Antonin Mongin worked on seven headpieces made with four textile technics, each adapted to lengths of hairs, that they gave a particular shape.

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