Drawing on the imagination of the Creole culture of the West Indies, the wall lamp Popote — in reference to the texture of the banana diet — is presented as a glowing and elegant vision of the leftover generated by the harvesting of banana in Martinique. It continues our collaboration with the carrib


ean brand Tiban exploring the beauty of creole heritages.

Fibanco, a local industry based into the bananerries, develops a semi-product made from the banana stem: the banana veneer, mostly used in a decorative way.

Studio dach&zephir decided to design an object that explores the technical and aesthetic potentialities of the material :
Cut flat, the banana veneer is put in tension on a brass structure that draws its architecture and gives this unique shape. Behind this modest shaping, there is also technical and economical restrictions, to make possible a 100% local production (between Martinique and Guadeloupe).
The texture, identifiable by its straight veins and its irregular translucency, plays with shadows and lights to create its own motif.

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