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Collaboration with Faïencerie Georges, based in Nevers and Gérard Ako,Guadeloupe

Crafts are one of the best witness the world's secular traditions. However if our contemporary world is associating craft to past, we think it can be a modern look, and definitely turned towards the


Eritaj Kontré is born from a « unexpected collision » between Faïencerie Georges, whose heritage lies in the handmade decor on raw glaze and basket weaver Gérard Ako weaving objects from coconut leaves.
Combine these two forms of know how weave a new shared story. The original decor of Nevers earthenware are substituted by Caribbean life scenes. They highlight the stories of these fallen leaves on the sand, transformed by the only passion of a man into living object.
Those hybride objects are in between fonction and decorative table-ware. By combining different crafts we want to give a new rise to traditions that seems to fade away in our society and create a new history of craftsmanship. (Eritaj Kontré means cross heritages)

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