Ladle, Cloud & Smoker

The ladle sauceboat is an utensil to serve more easily liquids in dishes with sauce.
It is used to serve bouillon, sauce of a stew, or any other meal wherein a liquid portion differs from solid elements.
By assembling two shells thanks to a click casing system, this utensil can be used as normal la


dle, and as a sauceboat in a second time.

Inspired by the water cycle, this lid offers several cooking methods based on the principle of steaming. The different rounded levels allow to spread the steam homogeneously in the meal. Cloud lid can be used with the chimney open or closed. It also offer the possibility to cook complementary foods, thanks to the stackable bowl which receives steam.

Cooking by smoking can explore creative combinations of flavors from very simple dishes.
The indoor smoker makes possible the food smoking technique in any kitchen, and at any time of the year, with great ease.
Brought up to date, it provides the opportunity to share meals with infinite flavors, with simplicity and elegance.

Ladle, Cloud & Smoker/ Kitchen tools / Copper, brass, Inox and wood / @ ECAL, Lausanne / In production at MAUVIEL manufacture, France / Mockups pictures Younes Klouche

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